15 a 19 de mayo 2017


EXTENDED LEARNING OPTIONS:  Now WEEK 8 (4 weeks remaining)

Español 2:


  1. LUNES:
    1. Write a Han cooks for Leia “story”
      1. Two short paragraphs (6-7 sentences each) about a food he prepares (something you can already write about briefly in Spanish) for Leia.  Leia should have an exaggerated response that uses an ‘ísimo” adjective like we practiced in class.
      2. Here is the sample from class (PDF)
    2. I didn’t get TMF updated – so if you didn’t turn in the page of sentence translations from Friday today, you can turn them in tomorrow.
  2. MARTES:
    1. 7 Quiz-Quiz-Trade Cards:  Create a “quiz-quiz-trade” description for each of these seven terms.  You do NOT need to create a card.  Write them all on a single piece of paper.
    1. Práctica tu vocabuloario y conjugaciones
  4. JUEVES:
    1. Handout:  Commands Ud/Uds (negative and positive)
    2. CREATED in class:  Commands/YO-D-A Foldable
    1. Handout #2: Commands Ud/Uds (negative and positive
  • Next assessment:  martes 5/16 – Mad Minute Verbs!  
    • CHANGE OF PLANS/ORDER due to AP testing:
      • Monday – 5/15 – Vocab quiz
      • Tuesday – 5/16 Verb conjugation Quiz (present/preterite)
      • Monday 5/22 – Map of Spain (Regions and Capitals)

Español 3:

TAREA:  Calendario para Casa Dividida

C8-C12 Preguntas de discurso de clase (PDF)

CALENDAR CHANGES for Casa Divida due to extension for C16

  • lunes 5/22
    • Cancelled:  Exam C15/16 (now combined with C17/C18)
    • Quiz-Quiz-Trade Practica para el examen
    • DUE at the start of class:  C15, C16 Preguntas
  • martes 5/23
    • Due at start of class: SM C15, C16
    • Due at start of class: Reading C17 & C18
  • miércoles 5/24
    • Due at the start of class:  Elián González (Reading/Google Classroom assignment)
  • jueves 5/25
    • CANCELLED:  Quiz C17/C18 (C15-C18 will be emphasis of final Casa Divida test)
    • Due at the start of class:  PQ: C17, C18
  • viernes 5/26
    • Due at the start of class;  Epilogo, SM C17, C18