Extended Learning Options

Extended Learning Options Spring 2017

Extended Learning Logs are due:  

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Learning Logs will not be accepted late.

*Earning points for the following activities have a limit of a 5% increase on your overall grade. The maximum points earned for all extended learning opportunities will be the equivalent of 5% of the total points possible for the semester.

Verified activities completed Extended Learning Percentage Earned
18 5%
15 4%
12 3%
9 2%
6 1%

The last 12 weeks of Spring semester can earn you credit for improving your Spanish via outside practice! You can complete up to three (but NO MORE than 3) activities/options per week.. Each activity must receive a signature from an adult who witnesses the practice (or Sra. Chan – depending on the activity).  Each week, you must have your ACTIVITY LOG initialed by Sra. Chan for credit for your weekly practice.  Logs must be turned in for weekly checks for activities to count toward your final total.

*Students are required to keep an EXTENDED LEARNING LOG to record progress and practice. Each activity/learning activity MUST BE verified by an adult at the time of completion. For example, attending tutoring with Sra. Chan will require that you present your Extended Learning Log at the end of your tutoring session for a signature in order to receive credit/points for that activity.

*Failure to obtain signatures at the time of the activity or event will result in no-credit given for that activity.

*Opportunities for Extended Learning Credit will be overarching and varied. Extended learning credit will not be awarded for things like family vacations to Spanish-speaking places, etc. Each credit is awarded based upon the ability of the learning activity to be (1) equitable (all students have access to it) and (2) scaffolded/enhancement of course material in order to support continued improvement with course material.

*The purpose of Extended Learning Credit is to help students improve and enhance their language learning. WORK MUST BE DONE OVER TIME in order to be effective practice.  THEREFORE students are limited to earning NO MORE THAN THREE Verified Activity Credits PER WEEK. In addition, work in isolation without correction/validation will not help garner and reinforce skills that we are working on. Therefore, your log needs to reflect dates and have a means of not only validating the completed work (check the activity options as this varies by activity) but also a way to ensure that you are making progress (correcting your work). Submissions completed without this validation will not be scored. Verification signatures by Sra. Chan are required when documentation has been completed.

Extended Learning Activity Options (PDF)

Extended Learning Log (PDF)